To be honest, I was very uneasy at first, as I could not find any recent reviews for your company and I had cancelled two other moving companies. Classic Movers was great- very friendly, professional and hardworking. They did not waste time and got the job done in under 4 hours which was close to my estimate - I was very happy with my move. Thank you.

Jennifer persaud

Jennifer persaud


Classic Movers specialises in seamless local or intercity movers. Our reliable team ensures stress-free transitions for your home or office. Trust us for a smooth move!


Get free winz quotes  from Classic Movers today! Our expert team provides accurate assessments for your moving needs. Contact us for a stress-free experience.


Gold Card Members Discount

Attention Gold Card Members! Enjoy exclusive discounts with Classic Movers. Experience top-notch moving services at unbeatable prices. Call us today!


Classic Movers presents mid month move discount Save big on your move with our exclusive offers. Book now for a seamless and affordable relocation experience.


To be honest, I was very uneasy at first, as I could not find any recent reviews for your company and I had cancelled two other moving companies. Classic Movers was great- very friendly, professional and hardworking. They did not waste time and got the job done in under 4 hours which was close to my estimate - I was very happy with my move. Thank you.

Jennifer persaud

Jennifer persaud

Packing Services & Supplies

We offer professional packing services for both residential and commercial moves.


We offer both residential and commercial moving services. Our moving team are specialized in moving all types of furniture whether it be couches and beds or office chairs.

Junk Removal

If you have extra furniture or belongings you would like to dispose of, we are able to help!

Storage Facilities

Classic Movers have close connections with many storage facilities throughout Ontario and Canada


If you don’t need a truck and are not moving out but rather within your own home, we can help!



I was very happy with Classic Movers when they helped me move from Brampton to Kingston. The two movers who helped load and unload all the furniture and boxes were helpful and professional, nothing was damaged or scratched. I would recommend this moving company for anyone who is looking to move to a new home.

Meghan Dornan

I would HIGHLY recommend Classic Movers to anyone who needs reliable, affordable and overall great moving services.  Their team was great and handled our move with care.

Jorge Webb

Classic Movers is amazing! They were on time in the early morning and worked extremely hard and didn't waste even one minute. very satisfied with their service and will hire them again in the future.

Suzane Maier

business relocation tips

Craft a detailed relocation plan with Classic Movers! Our expert tips ensure a smooth transition for your business. Contact us for personalised assistance.

Secure your move date with Classic Movers! Plan ahead and book early for a smooth and stress-free relocation experience. Contact us to schedule your move.

Protect your valuables during relocation ! Classic Movers offers insurance options for added peace of mind. Safeguard your belongings with us today.

Before moving, update your address details with banks, clients, and suppliers. Ensure a seamless transition with accurate information. Trust Classic Movers for a smooth relocation

Maximise efficiency by utilising existing staff for packing and organising tasks during relocation. Leverage internal resources for a smoother transition with Classic Movers

Priorities safety when lifting or stacking heavy objects during relocation. Use proper equipment, techniques, and team coordination to prevent injuries. Trust Classic Movers for a safe move

moving yourself?

Do you have a few heavy or awkward items of furniture that you need help with?

At Express Movers you can hire our workforce without a truck to help with as little or as much as you need!


speedy movers difference

At Classic Movers, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to moving. That's why we've built our reputation as Speedy Movers in the industry. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to efficiency without compromising on quality. From meticulous planning to swift execution, every step of your move is streamlined to ensure a seamless experience.

Our team of highly trained professionals is adept at handling every aspect of your relocation swiftly and securely. Whether it's packing, loading, transportation, or unloading, we prioritise speed without sacrificing the safety of your belongings.

With Classic Movers, you can trust that your move will be completed promptly, allowing you to settle into your new space with ease. Experience the difference with our Speedy Movers service today.



At Classic Movers, our Client Centric Focus ensures personalised attention, clear communication, and tailored solutions to meet your unique moving needs.

maximum effciency

At Classic Movers, we prioritise Maximum Efficiency in every aspect of your move, utilising advanced techniques and streamlined processes to minimise downtime and ensure swift relocation.

Clients are usually overwhelmed with all the things they need to prepare before their move like purchasing packing supplies or renting a storage unit. With Classic Movers around, you no longer have to have these worries. We are the full-package moving company specializing in all types of moving services including residential and commercial moving services, local and long distance moving services and professional packing services.

We also provide junk removal services and manpower only! We work very closely with storage facilities all across Ontario to ensure you get the best quality storage facility at the lowest price possible. No job is too big, too far or too hard for us! We do it all and we do it best!

+1-888-207-1719 / INFO@CLASSICMOVERS.CA


When browsing around for movers, its best to make sure that you are booking with a legitimate business and not just two men and their truck off Kijiji. This will give you assurance that your movers will show up on your move date with all the equipment they need and the right size truck.

Call centre staff

We, here at Classic Movers, provide you with written quotes and booking confirmations prior to your move. These written quotes will include all the details of your move including the rates we have quoted you, size of truck we are providing, number of movers we are sending and any supplies or special requests you may have. If you are satisfied with our online quote, you will have the option to accept your online quote which is then converted into a booking. You will receive a booking confirmation for your move soon after you have accepted the quote online.

We, at Classic Movers, provide very competitive rates for high quality professional, service! Our hourly rate includes all our special equipment such as flat and standing dollies to easily move furniture around, moving blankets to cover larger furniture and avoid scratches and damages, shrink wrap to tightly hold the blankets in place, bubble wrap for large glassware, floor runner to protect your floors, assembling and disassembling told for furniture dismantling.

If you would prefer a moving specialist to see your items being moved in person, just ask our friendly staff and we can arrange for a moving specialists to meet you at your loading address for an onsite estimate.

After seeing everything being moved, our moving specialist will provide you with a quote within 24 hours and send it through to the email address you have provide. Also, be sure to ask for your discount as we offer a 10% discount to students, seniors and repeat clients!

Our Team

Hiring trained, experienced and professional movers is the most important factor of moving. At Classic Movers we offer nothing but professional and efficient movers! All our movers are required to complete a 4 week training course to gain the knowledge, skills and experience moving requires, to make sure all of your belongings are moved safely and efficiently.

Professional packing: Our crew members are trained to pack household/office items in an organized manner, making it easier for our clients to unpack. They learn how to wrap kitchen dishware and glassware with dish wrapping paper, wrapping larger breakable items in bubble wrap, quick set up of wardrobe boxes and regular boxes. They are trained to fill boxes only up to a safe amount of weight to ensure the box does not collapse while it is being moved as well as label each box before it is loaded to our trucks.

Our movers are trained in learning how to properly pack each piece of furniture in your household or office prior to moving. They are trained to wrap each piece of furniture in soft moving blankets to protect them from any scratches or scuff marks and then safely wrap each item in shrink wrap to ensure the moving blankets do not move out of place. Using these techniques also protects your furniture from dust build ups if you require a storage move.

Our crew members are trained to safely disassemble any large pieces of furniture such as bed frames, dining and coffee tables etc. and reassemble them back together at your drop off address. This technique helps as it is a lot safer for the movers to move light weight items. It will also will be easier for the movers to effortlessly move these larger pieces of furniture through doorways and stair cases. Disassembling furniture is also very cost-efficient as moving items in individual parts will allow the movers to fit more in our trucks, this will ensure all your belongings are moved in one load. Our crew are also trained to safely detach and reattach wall mounted televisions and wall mounted shelving units.

You may be thinking “what is there to learn about loading a truck?” but reality is, this is one of the most important tasks when it comes to moving. There are two main reasons behind why we train our movers to load trucks

  • Loading the truck efficiently is crucial. This is to ensure all your belongings fit in the truck and no additional trip is made between your pick up and destination addresses
  • To ensure your belongings do not shift-around during the move and no damage occurs during the drive between your loading and unloading addresses.

When you choose Classic Movers, you can expect to receive the best service before and after your move. Our friendly moving crew will work hard and efficiently to move your belongings safe and securely. In the most unlikely situation where our customer is unhappy with our service, we will stick around to assist you to our best ability.

Our Clients

Very hard working guys. Great service and great attitude.  Careful and respectful to you and your property. Gurpreet, Simar and Harman did an amazing job, would absolutely recommend them to others.

Amie Massot

I am absolutely pleased with the service. I had a big move from Ottawa  to Toronto. Very capable and experienced and hardworking mover who packed the truck quickly and efficiently. Then took it to its destination and offloaded at the new address without a hitch. I would recommend them to anyone. Great job

Justin Jewell

To be honest, I was very uneasy at first, as I could not find any recent reviews for your company and I had cancelled two other moving companies. Classic Movers was great- very friendly, professional and hardworking. They did not waste time and got the job done in under 4 hours which was close to my estimate - I was very happy with my move. Thank you.

Jennifer persaud

Jennifer persaud

+1 343-777-7423 / INFO@CLASSICMOVERS.CA